Season 4:
  1. Love on Moonlight
  2. Meet Mrs. Yang
  3. Grove in the 80's
  4. Alex Finds True Love
  5. Wizards come to Tipton University
  6. A Twin's future
  7. Beauty Before Brains
  8. Starship Tipton II: The Attack of the Reonuts
  9. London and Leonardo
  10. Lockdown
  11. Secrets of Tipton University
  12. The Ghost of the Study Hall
  13. Christmas Time, for one and All
  14. Maya Returns
  15. Collage Party II: The 2nd Time's the Charm
  16. Maddie Returns
  17. Tipton Meets Yale
  18. The Joke's on Zack
  19. The Final London
  20. The Final Equation
  21. The Final Shot
  22. The Final Exam
  23. Cody's Big Decison ( 1 hour long special )
  24. Goodbye Cody, Goodbye Bailey ( 1 hour long special )
  25. 5 months later .... ( 1 hour special )

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