Note: This is for Season 1 Only!

Season 1:

  1. Hello Tipton University
  2. Emma Comes Back!
  3. Meet London Love!
  4. Codyo and Baileyet
  5. The Friend meets Zack and Cody
  6. Scare-Day the 13th
  7. The Teacher from Beyond
  8. Tricked, and Treated
  9. The Black Beauty
  10. Moesby Breaks Up
  11. Collage Party part 1
  12. Collage Party part 2
  13. High School Musical: The Suite Version
  14. The Tipton - Off
  15. The Christmas Time
  16. Zack Falls
  17. The Secret Society
  18. The Next Test
  19. Moseby: Ask for Forgivness
  20. The Video Game Contest
  21. The Suite Life Wedding Part 1
  22. The Suite Life Wedding Part 2

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