Man With 2 Lives is a Disney Channel Original Series which aired in 2008 with 20 episodes. It was cancelled due to very low ratings (average of 2.6 million viewers). It revolves around a teenage boy who is one of the popular kids at school but is a 'geek' at home.

Episode GuideEdit

Season OneEdit

01. Just Be Yourself

Viewers: 3.4 million

02. What's The Problem?

Viewers: 3.1 million

03. Not The Person You Think I Am

Viewers: 2.9 million

04. Calling all The Geeks

Viewers: 2.6 million

05. This Is The Best Way

Viewers: 2.3 million

06. No More Secrets

Viewers: 2.5 million

07. That Guy is Me!

Viewers: 2.1 million

08. That's Not My Problem

Viewers: 1.9 million

09. Friends are Not Forever (Part 1)

Viewers: 2.9 million

10. Friends are Not Forever (Part 2)

Viewers: 2.7 million

11. I Told You

Viewers: 2.5 million

12. New Kid

Viewers: 3.0 million

13. Party!

Viewers: 2.4 million

14. The Meanest Kid in School

Viewers: 2.2 million

15. Who is it?

Viewers: 2.8 million

16. You're a Wimp!

Viewers: 2.7 million

17. Rich Man

Viewers: 2.1 million

18. No Power

Viewers: 2.5 million

19. My House, My Rules

Viewers: 2.3 million

20. That Was Close

Viewers: 3.1 million

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