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Holio is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba. He is designed to create matter - sucking black hole. He is the secondary character in Cosmic Defense after Angel.


In Cosmic Defense his holes can suck enemies and matter. He also can't be sucked from real black holes. His most developed skill is the sonar hearing with which he can hear how a bug steps three miles away. He is a very big fan of industry just like his best friends Nosy and Fibber. He isn't very serious, but in nececcery he can be more serious than Angel. He can make gigantic black holes - almost bigger than Sprouting in his big form.


Angel (624)Edit

He loves her, but she doesn't know that. Only when he saw her for the first time (see "The Team") he loved her. And when they fought together and were in prison (see "Happy Holidays, Kixx") he knew that was a sign. On the other side he was very annoyed when she laugh to him because of PJ (see "Funny Fun").

Kixx (601)Edit

Kixx is his friend from much time and they both love hot dogs. In the meeting of the team they were seen pranking themselfs. If Angel says "boys" both of them will come to help her - gentelmens huh! They also are very different - Holio is smart and fast and Kixx is big and strong.

Nosy (199) and Fibber (032)Edit

They aren't only mail men - they are also Holio's best friends. First they all are big fans of indust

Fibber, Nosy and Holio running from the Leroys

ry, second they all aren't very powerful experiments, third they will always help each other, forth they all go to a holiday in one at one place - Pluto,fifth they like maths, literature and books and don't like PE. In the meeting when the team saw their home Nosy and Fibber were there along with some other experiments for a welcome party. There they inderstood that are going to be best friends forever.