Lilo and stitch experiments 7 by corbinace-d5wmgfj

Cosmic Defense's magor characters

Cosmic Defense is only shown on Disney Channel. Its release date is 24.9.2019. and the characters are experiments from "Lilo and Stitch: the series".


Hamsterville is back and has do away with Leroy's weakness. Liol sent the most powerful experiments to space in groups of three to defend the space. Some of the experiments that aren't so powerful like Frenchfy and Nosy went helping them with food, mail etc.


Episode number release date
"The Team" 1st 12. 03. 2014

Featured CharactersEdit

Angel (624) - Captain of her team

Holio (606) - second in Angel's team

Kixx (601) - third in Angel's team

Kaptain Gantu (he failed again) - enemy

Hamsterville - enemy

Reuben (625)(Yes, he went with Gantu) - maybe an enemy

Leroy (628) - enemy

Leroy's clonings - enemies

Slushy (523)  - He is the captain of Angel team's rival team - Frosty

Richter (513) - also from Frosty

Sprout (509) - also from there

Snafu (120) - enemy (he isn't evilized - just bad)

Nosy (199) - mail man

Swapper (355) - Captain of another team - Power


  • This is like the 4rth season of Lilo and Stitch: the series
  • Unlike the other seasons Stitch doesn't appear